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Monarch Eurasia
by Абдраимова Айдана - Wednesday, 13 November 2019, 11:46 AM

В Monarch Eurasia открыты вакансии Консультанта/Проектного менеджера и Маркетолога. Мы рассматриваем кандидатов со знанием русского и английского языка. (Fluent)

В продолжении телефонного разговора, высылаю подробную информация об открытых вакансиях:

1) Consultant/Project Manager:

1.1. Develops and / or coordinates with the project manager, project managers the concepts, objectives and milestones of the projects.

1.2. Conducts project documentation.

1.4. Participates in the management of project expenditures in accordance with the cash flow budgets. 

1.5. Organizes the implementation of projects in accordance with the work plan.

1.6. Prepares and leads project presentations.

1.7. Prepares and makes changes to projects.

1.8. Carries out projects within the agreed time frame, within the allocated budget and with the required level of quality.

1.9. Coordinates the work of project team members.

1.10. Controls the quality of work on projects.

1.11. Corrects the schedule and budget of the projects and coordinates the changes with the curators of the projects.

1.12. Initiate the holding of meetings and their planning during the implementation of projects.

 1.13. Forms and coordinates interim and final project reports with the project manager and presents interim and final reports to the project supervisors.

1.14. He leads the project in the Role of Project Manager and as a resourse.

1.15. Develops and coordinates project concepts, objectives and milestones with projects manager, curators of projects.

1.16. Realizes operational and strategic planning of project implementation.

1.17. Analyzes current projects of the Company's development; develops new draft plans for the development of the Company, calculates their economic feasibility.

1.18. Reports the reports on his work.

1.19.Produces an assessment of the business state of the enterprise, financial, material, and labor resources of the enterprise.

1.20.Track the trends in business and the needs of the market, prepares the initial materials for the development of business projects.

1.21.Prepare the financial and economic justification for the projects, coordinate the implementation of individual projects.

1.22. Coordinates its actions with the actions of the Company's employees and individual project implementation specialists.

1.23. On the instructions of the DirectorGeneral, the employee fulfills job duties stipulated by qualifying characteristics for other posts related to the content of the work, equal in complexity, the performance of which does not require another specialty,qualification and change in the official name.


2) Marketing Manager:

1.1 Maintain and develop the company’s marketing strategy.

1.2. Implement and evaluate marketing plans. 

1.3. Conducting ad hoc market research to find answers about consumer requirements and recent trends.

1.4. Collect data on market competitors,including prices, product sales and sales campaigns.

1.5. Collaborate with all company’s departments and employees in order to coordinate brand awareness and marketing efforts.Maintain the consistency of brand.

 1.6. Provides efforts to build up and enhance communication of company’s management with mass media and stakeholders in general.

 1.7. Maintain and control the ongoing CRMactivities. Marketee acts as a manager for the existing clients’ databases which are used to enhance customers relations.  

1.8. Maintain all ongoing communications via digital channels. Responsible for creating new ways of communicating company values and advantages in digital sphere. Including SMM – management and Webpage maintenance.

1.9. Undertake individual tasks of management as assigned.


Requirements for a candidate:

o   strong work ethics and the ability to adapt to new challenges and ideas;

o   good command of English;

o   commitment to teamwork;

o   ability to work alone and be a self-starter and multi-task;

o   multitask and client-focused approach;

o   focus on client services delivery and an ability to build relations;

o   effective written and verbal communication skills in both Russian and English;

o   field experience in architectural and interior design planning/construction and real estate consulting preferred;

o   skills in Excel, MS Project, PowerPoint are strongly preferred;

ability to work effectively in a highly energetic and multiple-engagement environment;


Additional requirements:

o             have respect for their colleagues and clients;

o             deliver what they promise;

o             critical thinking;

o             analytical skills;

o             invite open and honest feedback and learn from it;

o             time management;

o             are self-motivated and want to succeed;

o             have a positive, confident approach to everything they do;

o             team player 

o             people skills;

o             believe that work can be fun;