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IT Audit. Cybersecurity. Clouds. Enterprise Architecture. Robotics.

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IT Audit. Cybersecurity. Clouds. Enterprise Architecture. Robotics.
от Абдраимова Айдана - Вторник, 27 Апрель 2021, 16:41

IT Audit. Cybersecurity. Clouds. Enterprise Architecture. Robotics.

Just clichés? No! These are real and exciting opportunities for you even if, currently, you are not an IT professional.

If these are about your passion and hobby, and you are willing to bring innovations to the region of Central Asia, be a part of our team! We will be glad to see you in our one-week marathon with a chance to get a job offer in 1 day!

5 web live sessions will assist you in a deep dive into 5 core lines of KPMG Technology Consulting practice. 5 real-case examples will help you to get more on the following:

- How to audit IT landscape

- How to reveal system vulnerabilities, mitigate IT risks and assure information security

- How to guarantee trusted and effective mechanisms of system access

- How to design IT systems and successfully manage IT projects

- How to automate effectively business processes.

Online sessions will take place daily from May 10 to May 14 (on Russian language). Preliminary slots: 5.30-8.30pm (Detailed schedule will be sent after registration). Number of places is limited.

Registration is open until May 7 for Master's, final-year Bachelor students and those with experience <5 years.

Registration link: https://kpmg.vcv.ru/r/technology_registration


Your current location is not important, however, in case of successful interview, you would be based in Almaty/ Atyrau/ Bishkek/ Nur-Sultan/ Tashkent.

Become an IT Guru with KPMG!